X3 Utility Services provides high quality, GIS as-building, consulting and auditing services throughout New Zealand.   


We Help clients base their Business decisions on accurate Data

If you need to improve the quality of your asset data, we can help. X3 Utility Services has vast experience in the data capture / as-building of electricity, gas, water, and telecommunication assets. We have a variety of solutions for either accurately recording the location and attributes of newly installed assets or enhancing the details of existing assets; both services allow our clients to make sound business decisions in a timely manner. Please contact shane@x3us.co for further information.

We work Throughout New Zealand

X3 Utility Services was established in 2006 and since then has assisted a variety of clients throughout New Zealand.

The green pins on the map show the towns and cities where we have been working during the the past five years alone. 

Our in-house software enables our staff to rapidly record high quality data in the field; it also alerts them to any potential errors which can be rectified whilst they're still on site.     

This software is complemented by our other systems and processes which allows us to transfer large volumes of real-time data from anywhere in the country, and then process and deliver it to our clients in a fast and efficient manner.  

Key Services Offered

GPS Data Capture

Our data capture and creation service involves X3 leveraging on the latest GPS and photographic equipment to accurately record our clients' assets.


Whether your organisation has an established quality or safety system or is aiming for accreditation, X3 can assist you to implement the right systems and processes prior to your audit being carried out.


X3 provides a range of GIS, quality and safety consulting services, including assisting clients to document a range of tasks from "how to" manuals to quality standards.

Recent Projects

GPS As-Building

We've been GPS as-building newly installed fibre networks throughout New Zealand and also fibre scoping for new right-of-way as well as multi-dwelling unit connections in the Tasman region.


We've audited various gas and electricity networks to ensure that they comply with NZS 7901, Electricity and Gas Industries – Safety Management Systems for Public Safety.

For further information contact:
Shane Dolan | shane@x3us.co | 021 770 231 | LinkedIn