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X3 provides the following services to our clients:

GPS As-built Recording

Our data capture and creation service involves X3 leveraging on the latest GPS and photographic equipment to accurately record our clients' assets.

Data Maintenance

X3 has the tools, systems and processes for carrying out a range of GIS data maintenance services including the development of field applications.


Whether your organisation has an established NZS 7901 system or is aiming for accreditation, X3 can assist you to implement the right systems and processes prior to your audit being carried out.


X3 provides a range of GIS, quality and safety consulting services including assisting clients to document a range of tasks from "how to" manuals to quality standards.

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Since 2006, we've been assisting our utility clients with compliance and asset management tasks. This includes helping our clients to better understand what assets they own, exactly where the assets are, how each asset is connected, and what condition they're in.

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